The National Association of Broadcasters after Superstorm Sandy went around collecting video footage and conducting interviews with people's reactions reactions to the storm. They honored NJ1015 and their efforts throughout the storm with this video.


This short film produced by Media Arts Professor Scott Hodgson and his students at the University of Oklahoma, and Chandra Clark, professor of telecommunications and film, and her students at The University of Alabama.

Working with the Broadcast Education Association, Scott and Chandra compiled stunning footage for a video account of broadcasters' response to Superstorm Sandy at NJ1015. Many of our personalities first-hand accounts were used for the film including News Director Eric Scott, Brand Manager Eric Johnson, Jeff Deminski, Big Joe Henry and even our Governor Chris Christie, who was at the station the night of Superstorm Sandy for 'Ask the Governor.'

The video has some amazing footage and really captures the thoughts and feelings of our on air staff as the tried to help NJ cope with the devastation. NJ1015 was a key source of information for the thousands that were stranded without power and the radio was their only source. You can watch the video below.


For additional information about the extraordinary efforts of Scott and Chandra and their team in creating this film you can click HERE.