Atlantic City Officials are currently collaborating with local businesses to expand the “Do AC” campaign.

After initially being reported that the Atlantic City Alliance was taking legal action against local businesses that were using similar logos to promote and advertise, the Alliance has clarified that they are not taking any serious legal action, and are actually encouraging businesses to use similar slogans.

“The use of the “Do AC” logo and slogan by partner businesses is actually encouraged by the Atlantic City Alliance,” Chief Communications and Strategy Officer Jeff Guaracino said.

The city has however sent out a number of "Cease and Desist" letters to many businesses for the sole purpose of allowing the city to help the businesses develop the brand. No further legal action is being pursued.

Atlantic City officials have been working with businesses on a case-by-case bases to help develop the brand and logo so that no trademarks are violated.

“The legal issue is working with each business so that they use the proper colors and sizes which are compliant with the style guide. We want to make sure that no business violates the trademark,” Guaracino said.

Since being launched in April by the Atlantic City Alliance, the “Do AC” slogan has taken off in popularity. Over 100,000 5.5 inch in diameter magnets bearing the logo have been distributed since April, and have quickly become a staple on many Atlantic City cars.

The main purpose of the new slogan launch was to create a buzz around Atlantic City. Many local businesses have seen how successful the campaign has been and felt that piggybacking on the campaign would be create more exposure for both their businesses as well as the city.