Whitney sang “I believe the children are our future,” The future of 20 Newtown Connecticut children came to an abrupt halt Friday morning and no one will ever know why. What’s worse than that for us is that there is nothing we can or could have done about it because no one would have ever seen it coming.

Sign in Newtown, CT (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


When you think about all the violence and devastation that we have endured this past year, twelve people killed and 58 injured when a gunman opens fire on a theatre in Aurora Colorado, 2 people killed when a gunman opens fire in a mall in Oregon, the devastation of super storm Sandy, and now we have a crazed kid in a bulletproof vest murdering his mother, shooting 20 children and 7 teachers in an elementary school and turning the gun on himself.

How many new bicycles will not be given out this Christmas?, boys and girls who could have gotten their first glove. How many children, mine included, are getting extra hugs and kisses and they have no idea why. I’m glad for that because, I have no idea how I could explain it to them.

The gunman, Adam Lanza took to his grave the answer that we need. WHY???? We can try to piece together clues in a vain attempt to figure it out, but we’ll never really know why.

When tragedy happens, we as a people want to have some kind of input. We want to sing songs, we want to write checks, we want to feel like we’re doing something. What’s so   frustrating about this as we shed our tears is the knowledge that there is nothing we can do. Nothing that is, except pray that it never ever happens again, because right now, prayer is all we have.