They are the REAL one percent. If more people could see what I saw last night, maybe more would understand.

My friend Howard invited me to his home in Groveville, Mercer County, last night. His granddaughter was coming home. Kayla served a tour in Afghanistan as a United States Marine, and was home safe.

When he first told me she was going to serve, I was taken somewhat aback. The tiny little girl who used to fight with her sister and brother in Howard's backyard during 4th of July barbecues was going to be a Marine? Yes she was. And a damn fine one at that. And she was welcomed home last night as a hero. As everyone of our servicemen and women should be.

This is the REAL one percent. Kayla heard our nations call, and answered. Few of us can say the same. At any given time, only about one-percent of our population will wear the uniform of the United State's Military.

That one percent protects every right enjoyed by almost 312-million Americans. They do it bravely and selflessly and they are owed our thanks. More than 140 New Jersey servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice and for that, we should be especially grateful.

Dozens lined a street of modest homes last night in New Jersey. Young and old. Flags waved and people cheered.

My friend Howard received no such welcome when he returned from Vietnam. Neither did the dozens of vets who rode thundering into Groveville on their Harleys to make sure that never happens again.

Welcome home, Kayla. With all my heart, I thank you for your service. I'm glad you are home safe.

Video by Eric Scott