Our Dino Flammia is reporting this morning on the agony of a lost cell phone. I'll admit to experiencing a severe case of "nomophobia" during a recent business trip to New York City.

I was jammed in the back of a cab with two of my Townsquare Media Collegues as we traveled to dinner. As we sat down to dinner, I went to check my e-mail and realized my phone was not in my suitcoat pocket. Surely it was in the pocket of my overcoat. Nope. My heart stopped as I realized I must have left it in the cab. We keep our whole lives on our cell phones. I use mine for email, my schedule, my contacts, even on-line banking. Even though I had it password protected, and could have the memory wiped if I needed to, it was the fact that it just wasn't there by my side. I wanted it. I needed it.

I fretted all through dinner and kept calling my number. I even called the NYC Taxi Helpline, but they were no help.

This story, however, had a happy ending.

As we left the restaurant, I thought I'd call it one more time. This time, someone picked up. It was the cab driver. He had my phone and was willing to bring it back! What are the chances of that! It turned out that I was his last fare before he headed back home to New Jersey. He said he would be happy to meet me at my hotel the next morning. I'll admit I was skeptical. I was prepared to pay a small ransom for the return of my constant companion and all the information it contained.

Sure enough, he met me at the hotel, and refused to take the wad of bills I tried to hand him as a reward. He was raised, he said, by a father who taught him to do the right thing without any promise of reward.

Have you ever lost anything of value, and had it returned? I'd love to hear your story. Please leave your comments below.