Earlier today, Dennis and Judi were talking about death and how people say the most awkward and strange things at funerals.

Flickr User Ben Dibble

The worst things people have said to the bereaved at a the funeral of their loved one...


  • To a grieving old widower: "Don't worry, you'll be with her soon.."


  • To a grieving wife..:"Well, his girlfriend has it worse! She can't even be honest with people about her grief."


  • To a grieving wife..."Hopefully you'll have a new house soon! And a new husband!!"


  • To a grieving mother.."Well, at least it wasn't Brad! He was your FAVORITE son.."


  • To a grieving son: "And don't even think you're EVER gonna feel better! This sadness will last FOREVER!! "


What are the worst comments you've heard at a funeral??