Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Assemblyman Scott Rudder and Assemblyman Chris Brown have set up the 8th Legislative District office in Medford NJ for donations of relief items for Hurricane Sandy items. If you are in that area and looking to donate and are in that area, here is the information.

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This is the official press release:

Addiego, Rudder and Brown designate office for collection of relief items for Hurricane Sandy victims


Donations of canned and shelf-stable foods and new clothing items are desperately needed by families impacted by the storm


As the full impact of the damage from Hurricane Sandy is being understood, Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Assemblyman Scott Rudder and Assemblyman Chris Brown designated the 8th District legislative office in Medford as a donation center for relief items for storm victims.


“Sandy has had a devastating impact on people in this area, and around the state. With every passing hour we are understanding more about the damage and the suffering of New Jersey residents. We know people want to help, to do something positive, and we know there are others who urgently need that help,” said Assemblyman Rudder.


Senator Addiego and Assemblymen Rudder and Brown announced that the 8th District office, located at 176 Route 70 at Jones Road, in Medford, will be open for special Saturday hours on Nov. 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to collect donated food personal hygiene products, and new clothing for storm victims and those who have been displaced by damage or power outages.


“In times like these, we see the best in people. They rise to the occasion, and neighbors help neighbors,” said Senator Addiego. “We are asking residents who can pitch in to drop off items on Saturday, or during our normal business hours. We are coordinating our collection efforts with Burlington County officials and local non-profit agencies to provide some relief.”

Donations of are desperately needed for people who have been up-rooted or lost their refrigeration due to power outages. Food banks are requesting canned and non-perishable items, or food store gift cars for the purchase of relief items.


“The food pantries have shelves we need to fill, and storm victims have found refuge in shelters with nothing more than the clothes on their backs,” said Assemblyman Brown. “Our doors will be open to collect the bare necessities that these victims need right now.”

In-demand food items include:

* breakfast bars

* canned meals - macaroni & cheese, ravioli, beef stew, spaghetti &

meatballs, etc

* canned items - soup, tuna, vegetables and fruits

* boxed or bagged items - cereal, noodles, pasta, rice, crackers

and stuffing

* jarred items - jelly, peanut butter, pasta sauce

* bottled items – juice and drinks

* shelf-stable milk products

* baby food and diapers


Personal hygiene products and new clothing are also urgently needed by the shelters.

Preferred items include new adult and child-size sweat pants and sweat shirts, t-shirt, socks and underwear in unisex colors in all sizes.


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