And you thought you were getting screwed by New Jersey government.

According to a report by NJ Advance Media, 88 email addresses tied to government agencies that conduct business in New Jersey were part of the Ashley Madison leak. Those are among the mass of email addresses and other personal records of people who'd signed up for the site, marketed as a secure way to cheat on one's spouse.

A few things to keep in mind:

• Not all of the addresses are working. NJ Advance Media said only 54 of those it found were.
• Not every government employee who used the site necessarily used his or her government email address (it's really not the sort of thing one's advised to use a work address for, government or otherwise).
• Anyone can register a free account with someone else's email address, without any required email verification; some of those seeming would-be cheaters might have just been punked.

According to the report, 37 addresses were from New Jersey school districts, 13 from state agencies, nine from municipalities, 10 from counties governments and 14 from the Port Authority.

The Associated Press reported Thursday hundreds of federal government addresses showed up in the leaked database. New Jersey 101.5 sister station WBIX 950 AM found 120 New York government addresses.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. An analysis by Fusion found more paying Ashley Madison members in New Jersey than anywhere else (followed by Washington, D.C.; Connecticut; Massachusetts; Colorado; New Hampshire; Virginia; Utah; New York, and Maryland). New Jersey came in just fourth in another analysis by data scientist Jake Popham that looked at registrations overall, paid or unpaid.