If you're running for public office, you're fair game for critique. But what about your family?


InTouch Weekly's running a report claiming Chris Christie's brother, Todd, had an Ashley Madison account and was unfaithful to his wife — New Jersey 101.5's Dennis Malloy has already said he thinks that's no one's business, and I agree.

But I'm asking you: Is it fair to drag a candidate's relatives into the mix, or should they be off limits? Where do we draw the line between public and private life?

Debbie, a caller from Milltown, said there is no line between public and private anymore. This, she said, is "garbage. Just nonsense. You have to judge who you're voting for on their merit, not the candidate's brother's. And you have to look at historically who makes a good president."

Personally, I'm fascinated anyone would think personal information online is "safe."

What do you think? Take the poll below or explain your thoughts in the comments section.

Bill Spadea is host of the Chasing News TV program. He periodically fills in for NJ 101.5 show hosts, and you can daily hear his opinion about all things New Jersey here, or by tweeting @BillSpadeaBill is subbing for Jim Gearhart.