Libertarian Gary Johnson, the Green Party's Jill Stein, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party met in a debate on Tuesday night.

Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode (2nd R) makes a point as Jill Stein (L) from the Green Party, Rocky Anderson (2nd L) from the Justice Party and Gary Johnson (R) from the Libertarian Party look on during a debate hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Larry King was the moderator in an event that drew several hundred to a Chicago hotel reports the Chicago Tribune.

Some quotes from the debate:

Johnson, the former New Mexico governor, said of the major party candidates: “There is only a couple of voices being heard (in this campaign), and it's tweedledumb and tweedledee.”

From PolicyMic -

10:20pm: Gary Johnson: "Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don't believe in." [huge cheers]


From Washington Post - (continued from quote above)

"...That’s wasting your vote. I’m asking everybody here, I’m asking everybody watching this nationwide to waste your vote on me.”


From -

Jill Stein, opening statement:

"A vote for me is a vote for the solutions that we need for jobs, not corporate tax breaks, forhealth care as a human right, public higher education that's free, ending student debt, and downsizing the military to pay for it."

The website PolicyMic has a complete recap of the debate.

Christina Lobrutto contributed to this story.