Today's morning show featured a call to action to defend a great business model that provides job opportunities, as well as affordable transportation for the rest of us. We also covered topics that included resolving Atlantic City's impending take down. We even spoke to Uber General Manager Ana Mahony about Newark Mayor Ras Baraka's stance on restricting Uber from major Newark ports.

Stop Holding Atlantic City Hostage

Here’s an analogy for the battle between Atlantic City and NJ: It’s like a nasty divorce and both sides are fighting for their kids. When in reality, they are just beating each other up over a better financial situation. That is what is happening here. A couple weeks ago, I was at the Resorts in AC talking to Mayor Don Guardian. Guardian is like the kid of the divorced parent. He is the only one doing it right. He complied with every single list of demand the governor has given him. He has decreased the budget by 28 percent. The crime rates in Atlantic City has been dropping. I hope the governor receives numerous amounts of calls on Ask the Governor, in regards to a potential AC shutdown.

How do you #DigIn if you live in Atlantic City? Stop with the interference and let’s eliminate taxes for new businesses. Stop holding Atlantic City hostage and tell Assemblyman Sweeney to go back to the drawing board. Listen to my save Atlantic City rant below.

Mayor Ras Baraka is no fan of Uber

“Since the beginning, Mayor Baraka has been against Uber,” according to Uber General Manager Ana Mahony.  The restrictions began in the summer, when Uber partners were given citations for operating near Newark Liberty International Airport and Newark Penn Station area.

Mahony honed in on the decrease of unemployment rates in Newark. “They want to have Uber drivers pay $500 dollars for picking up at Newark Penn Station and $1000 dollars for picking up at the airport. We are talking 5 times more than a cab driver. They need to create a level of playing field,” says Mahony.

It’s a disservice that will affect thousands of commuters that can easily access a ride simply at their finger tips. Shame on you Ras Baraka! Hear the full discussion I had with Uber's General Manager Mahony below.

How to contact Mayor Ras Baracka's office 

Call Newark Mayor Ras Baraka until he becomes available to you. His number is 973-733-6400. Many callers chimed in stating they would be greatly affected by the elimination of Uber in Newark, with lower costs than taxi's and speedy accessibility. Mayor Baraka is an elitist to deny the opportunity of affordable transportation! Let the Mayor know it is time to #FreeUber in Newark. The demand is for economic empowerment. Baraka has a great opportunity for the creation of free market and safe affordable transportation. Transportation should not just be for the elite.  What do you think - Should Mayor Baraka get out of the way and #FreeUber in Newark? Cast your vote in the Twitter poll below.

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