The road's second crash of the day closed down Route 287 in Bridgewater on Friday morning.

State Police spokesman Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams said the northbound side was closed just before 10 a.m. for an incident on the northbound side just past Route 22. Williams said a preliminary investigation has determined a car in the right lane drifted into the left lane and was struck causing what he called a "serious accident."

As of 11 a.m. only the shoulder was getting by with traffic backed up several miles into Piscataway.

At least one other vehicle was involved according to Williams.  The driver of one of the vehicles was transported to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick. The State Police Fatal Accident Unit is on the scene.

Earlier, a tractor trailer carrying food collided with an Isuzu van on the southbound side in Piscataway, closing two of three lanes and causing a major backup for most of the Friday morning commute.

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