1 - Having a good football team

Ray Rice was still a hero, we were chopping wood, the games were starting to sell out. Oh what a time it was to be a Rutgers student! Okay... so they weren't the best team ever, but we actually had a shot every game. We even won a bowl game. The Schiano years were awesome, oh, and we could go for free.

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2 - The Grease Trucks

Gather 'round kids as grandpa tells you about the true meaning of that parking lot on College Ave. Whether it was a 'tweener' (scarfing down your favorite fat sandwich before heading into Scott Hall), or a 'sponge' (scarfing down any fat sandwich after a night of drinking), you were guaranteed prompt service with a smile and a lovely dining area to enjoy your meal.


3 - Skipping class for happy hour

It's simple economics,  $.50 cent slices and $1 Yuenglings, that's real value AND nutrition. Besides, you know the professor will put the slides online anyway. You can miss class this one time... Right?


3.5 - Snow was also a good reason to skip class

The winter months were hard on campus. Late buses, wet melting snow or ice on your long walk from the bus stop to your class on the other side of Lucy Stone Hall. You can miss class this one time... Right?


4 - The library on College Ave

Load up your iPod Shuffle with some classical music and get to typing on your 15lb Macbook. There was something very cozy about working on things in the lower level of that library. The classic library lights with the green cover, the smell of old books, other (probably more intelligent) students getting things done too. If you had an impending deadline this was the place to go.

5 - Having the safety net of the drunk bus

We all heard the horror stories... You know, a friend of a friend had to sit on the floor and other passengers were getting sick on the ride home. We knew someday we might have to call on this service, but deep down inside we were grateful to have this safety net.


6 - Finishing the semester with parking tickets less than the cost of a parking pass

Once you moved out of the dorms, you had the luxury of being able to drive to campus instead of waiting for buses. You found ways to park for free. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not so much. But nothing could beat that feeling of keeping the total parking fines below the cost of a parking pass. Bonus: once you graduated you knew which parking tickets you no longer had to pay.

7 - The Medium

Half satire newspaper / half versatile exercise of free speech. You couldn't believe what you were reading was actually funded by Rutgers. The personals section was where the real magic was. Anonymous messages where students could freely criticize Rutgers administration, other students and national establishments. Kind of like Facebook, but in print form.

8 - Speaking of Facebook, being on 'the facebook' before they opened it up to everyone

When Facebook first launched Rutgers email accounts were one of the first to be allowed. Back then you could still add your classes to your profile, contact your fellow students to borrow books or notes. It was a simpler time, no ads, no politics, and you could post pictures without the fear of your employer or grandma seeing them.


9 - You could tolerate a crowd

With so many "great" bars so close together it was easy to ditch one spot for what you thought would be a better time down the road. You would leave one sardine situation for another, rinse and repeat until you found the prefect mix. You were young and unaffected by the loud music, crowded bar, and long lines. Now all you want is a nice quiet pub where you can sit and actually hear your friends talk.

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10 - The Daily Targum crossword

Some days it was all the learning you needed. You even remember that one time you almost finished one. Hey and if it was too hard, there was always that circling letters thing.

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