NewsFlash: Chris Christie is overweight. Yes, folks, he's fat. After almost four years of him running for Governor and serving the first part of his term, can we finally move on?

There is much to like about this Governor. There is also plenty to dislike. There are no shortage of critics of Christie's policies. Christie's policies are fair game. The debate over what's best for this state and our taxpayers is welcome. We SHOULD be talking about the issues.

Yet once again, one of the Governor's sharpest critics could not resist taking a jab at the Governor's weight. In questioning the Governor's comments that math and science teachers should make more than gym teachers, the N-J-E-A made a thinly veiled attempt to discredit Christie by making his weight an issue.

Click here to read about Christie's comments on gym teachers.

It's amazing to me how much this continues to happen, both publicly and privately. I can't tell you how often legislators and policy advocates, many of whom I respect, can't seem to resist bringing the governor's weight into any discussion of policy.

Perhaps if people are going to continue to poke fun at the Christie's weight, he should start going after his critics for their own physical shortcomings. NJEA President Barbara Keshishian and her spokesman Steve Wolmer are not going to be gracing the pages of Vogue anytime soon. If they are going to continue to attack Christie's weight, he might want to point out their aesthetic shortcomings.

At least Christie can loose the weight.