MetLIfe Stadium (Townsquare Media NJ)

If you’re interested, you must first attend a training session, work at least two shifts of three to four hours each between Jan 25th and Feb 3, and agree to a standard background check.  There is no guarantee that you will even get close to the game and you definitely will not receive any tickets.

So the question begs to be asked, with all the money that’s going to be made by New Jersey and New York, as well as the National Football League, why would you work for nothing? This is not a charity. You’re not helping anybody except those who want to line their pockets with the money they will save by not paying you.  All you get from the experience is a story to tell after it’s all over. Is that worth the price of admission?

Oh yeah I forgot, there is no admission, just standing outside welcoming everyone else to the party.  Would you volunteer to work the Super Bowl?  As long as you’re volunteering, I’ve got some outdoor work that needs to be done. No background check, just backyard.