When Bridgegate became household news, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) was everywhere, but has since struggled to stay in the headlines without a smoking gun.

Asm. John Wisniewski addresses the media after a Bridgegate hearing in Trenton (Townsquare Media)

For months, he enjoyed the spotlight as he heads the committee investigating the scandal.

But, as Wisniewski's star has faded recently, he is firing a new Bridgegate salvo, which seems like a bit of a stretch.

His latest allegations center on a rash of phone calls between Port Authority officials and Gov. Chris Christie's office during the week that lanes were closed on the George Washington Bridge.

It was not uncommon for Christie's top man at the Port Authority, David Samson, to stay in contact with the administration. But, Democrats are suggesting something more sinister.

Wisniewski believes the phone records may indicate a heightened level of phone activity that took place.