The World Health Organization made an announcement yesterday linking bacon and other processed meats to an increased risk of cancer, but there's still no universal agreement within the medical community. In fact, most scientists agree that it's unreasonable to isolate a single food as the cause of cancer.

That said, we're not giving up on those salty slabs of goodness just yet, and neither are many of our listeners.

Mike, who called from Hillsborough, said his wife got cancer but she doesn't bacon, so he doesn't see the point in giving up pork.

Louise from Tewksbury said she was cooking bacon when she turned the radio on this morning, and her son actually picks up a huge order of it at a shop in Califon whenever he comes home to New Jersey.

Greg from Watchung also expressed love for bacon, and said his 96-year-old grandfather ate bacon and eggs every day of his life and clearly lived a long life.

Just about anything in excess can give you cancer, and so much about health has to do with your lifestyle choices, discipline, and a balanced diet.

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