For the better part of 2012, Governor Chris Christie demanded that Democrats approve a tax cut and he criticized them at every turn for dragging their feet. Democratic leaders consistently said they wanted to wait until they were sure that revenues matched Christie's projections. Revenues have not matched estimates, but despite that and the fact that the costs of recovering from super-storm Sandy will be astronomical, the Governor isn't ready to give up.

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Asked if his demands for a tax cut will continue in 2013, Christie said, "I think they have to because we have to get more competitive. You look at the region and we have the highest tax rates in the region."

The Governor said you can expect to become an economic job creator when you have the highest rate of taxes in the region.

"Yeah, I'm still going to continue to call for cuts in taxes," pledged Christie. "I think that in the end, I'm hopeful that the Democrats, if not now certainly after this election, will see the wisdom for that."

Not only is Christie up for re-election this year, all 120 seats in the State legislature are up for grabs too.