With allegations of verbal abuse taking place when she was a volleyball coach continuing to swirl, the fate of new Rutgers Athletic Director Julie Hermann is still up in the air.

Julie Hermann and Rutgers President Robert Barchi (Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

"It seems like the search committee glossed over important details about Julie Hermann's background, or they just didn't think anyone would look into it," says the President of SMB Strategic Media, Shakira Brown.

She says what the university should do "is definitely find a new candidate - Ms. Hermann has run her course."

"There's nothing more they can do to make her look better- she already looks bad, so they need to move on."

Brown stresses this is the only way the university's athletic program is going to be actually forging a new path in their future.

"People can dig up anything on anybody," she says. "In fact, they should have dug up anything on her. Clearly they didn't do enough digging - it's been glossed over in a way that doesn't make any sense for a university like Rutgers."

"It's easy to say just jettison the new director, just re-set the button and start all over again," Bill Murray, the Executive VP of MWW Group, says. "But what does that look like in terms of leadership?"

He points out there appears to be "a concern here about making a decision - either cut her, give her probation, or keep her- but do it, do it now."

"One of the problems we see not just with an organization like this, but many other organizations is taking too much time to think about it."

Murray believes Rutgers can come back from this current messy situation, but he says what they do next is critical.

"They need to make some decisions now, and yes they need to vet things a little better than they have in the past, but make some decisions now and tell people what that plan is."

Hermann was hired after AD Tim Pernetti was forced out following the firing of basketball coach Mike Rice, when videos surfaced of him verbally abusing players and throwing balls at them.