After a district court turned thumbs down on New Jersey's push to allow sports betting, an appeals court gets the case tomorrow.

Flickr User Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

Some supporters are predicting a different decision this time around.

"I am convinced the decision will be reversed by the Court of Appeals. They will look at the Constitution directly and see it's totally unfair to allow Las Vegas and Nevada to enjoy all the benefits - the billions of dollars that will accrue to Atlantic City and our race tracks if we have sports betting," says State Senator Ray Lesniak."

He says the NFL and other sports leagues are arguing that it's permissible to have sports betting.

"You just don't have to enforce any laws banning it- so they're saying, 'yeah, let it go on illegally, its okay with us.'"

Lesniak argues that makes no sense, and he's confident New Jersey will win this next round, and perhaps he'll be able to go to Atlantic City in the fall and place a bet on the Giants against the Eagles.

"You go to Las Vegas during Final Four weekend, Superbowl week, you cannot get a room, and Atlantic City is a ghost town," says Lesniak. "But if we have sports betting during all these major events, including the World Cup of soccer, the Masters golf tournament, Atlantic City will be packed - it will be a big, big boost."

He also stresses giving Las Vegas a competitive advantage, which is hurting New Jersey and other states, is a misuse of the Commerce Clause, and it also violates the state's rights in the 10th Amendment.