What goes better with Oreos than milk? But ... what if both are running away?

The so-called "Orea" cows that live at Totten Farm in Long Valley broke free Thursday. And in video obtained by Long Valley Patch ( seen above) ... those cows really mooooooooved.

Dr. James Totten, who owns the farm with his wife, told New Jersey 101.5 he's not sure how the farm's electric gate got open, but he was called after several cows went running. They didn't go far — several hundred feet later, they stopped at a neighbor's yard to graze.

"They were just excited to get to a new place," he said.

The cows were corralled by about 8 p.m. Totten said his neighbor was understanding about the ordeal.

So-called "Oreo" cows are properly known as Belted Galloway cows, originating from Galloway in Scotland.