When a couple files for divorce, the legal battle begins and just when you think you've settled everything, there's always that "one more thing."  That seems to be the case with Hugh Hefner and his ex fiancee Crystal Harris.  He agreed to let her keep her engagement ring worth around $75,000 and the Bentley, but he wanted to hold onto their puppy.  Considering they weren't even married, I'd be thrilled if I were her, but she is fighting with him over the puppy.  You can read the full story here.

I'd like to know, what have you fought over during your divorce? Was it a big ticket item, maybe something that meant something to the both of you sentimentally, or was it something petty that seems a bit ridiculous looking back on it now?  Just think of all the attorney fees you probably paid...you  could have bought something ten times nicer with that money!