So back in April I bought a new-to-me car and it was one of my dream cars. Ever since I first laid eyes on the Dodge Magnum I was in love and luckily I was working at a Chevy dealership about a year later and someone traded in a Magnum R/T that I got the privilege to drive to a Dodge dealer a few miles away to pick up another a Chevy that they had. That day the Dodge Magnum R/T got put on the dream car list. Which leads me to today in which I now own a 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T AWD. So the Ferrai F40, C4 ZR-1, Mclaren F1 and Morgan Roadster will have to wait for now.

Here's a list of the top 10 dream cars.,0,2223709.photogallery

What is your dream car or cars? Also did you ever drive or own one of them?

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