A lot of us who look at the Federal shutdown might wonder what the cost will be. An expert today has some sound advice for weathering the Washington chaos.

(Photo by Chris Maddaloni/Getty Images)

The CEO of Wallethub.com says everyone will suffer, whether you are directly or indirectly involved with the government of an economy that doesn't grow.

"The growth of our economy is going down as much as .02 percent for every week that this shutdown goes on," Odysseas Papadimitriou says.

But he says consumers can prepare for the economic storm while the Fed's on "pause."

"Build up your cash reserves and just plan out for the next month.

The longer the shutdown, the greater the potential damage to investments, so diversify and think about moving more assets toward cash is among the suggested tips for coping with this.

Papadimitriou also advises some consumers might want to apply for a short-term line of credit, but you have to act quickly to make that happen to your advantage. Also, Federal loan assistance will be frozen.

The Department of Education estimates the shutdown will have only a limited impact on direct federal student loans and Pell grants, but Small Business Administration and Federal Housing Administration loans will not be accessible.