A listener asked if I would explain what I was doing while I was away from the station for two years.  Apparently she missed the myriad of shows which covered this, so for those of you keeping score, let's recap:

First priority: My son.. The kid with "issues" or as people like to call 'em, "special needs". First let me get one thing straight: I've always hated that label, every kid has "special needs" or do all "typical" kids need exactly the same 12 things? What if a kid needs extra sunscreen than most, more help with with his jump shot, or he just can't figure out how to whistle, no matter how hard he tries? Aren't all those "needs" special?

So, my kid needed me home a lot more than his siblings had at his age. At the same time other circumstances here at the radio ranch made it time to step away.. so I did. While I was gone, I did the following:

-shopped for a new school for the aforementioned kid

-shopped for colleges for his big bro

-performed an original children's musical with my girls

-married off one of the aforementioned girls

-taught public speaking

-coached job interviewees

-did a podcast

-became a new grandmother and...

-dreamed of the day when I'd be back on the NJ 101.5 airwaves.

Any further questions?