Three "good size" potholes opened up on the Garden State Parkway in Clark on Friday morning giving, flat tires to around a dozen vehicles.

Turnpike Authority Chief Operating Officer John O'Hearn said the holes opened up on the southbound side at milepost 138.3 in Clark Township near the exit for Centennial Avenue in the second-to-the farthest left lane just in time for the morning commute. He said 10 to 15 cars got flats, but said there were no accidents or injuries as a result of the potholes.

It wasn't Friday morning's snow that led to the holes opening up, O'Hearn said.

"We had the major snow storm last week and you have all that moisture on the roadway. The moisture gets under the blacktop and creates tiny cracks. The moisture gets in there, it freezes and expands," O'Hearn said.

He said there was only blacktop involved with these potholes and no bridge deck.

Crews shut down two lanes to make a temporary cold patch to get through the day and then will make a permanent repair on Friday night.

"They'll jackhammer it all out, cut it out and then we'll pave it and get a more permanent fix to get us through the winter season," O'Hearn said.

Anyone having damage from the potholes should call the Turnpike Authority at 732-750-5300 ext. 8987 to file a notice of claim. Drivers should also contact their insurance carriers.

"We are a public entity and we have certain immunities. Only if we had actual notice that the potholes were there and we didn't do anything about it are we liable," O'Hearn said.

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