Youtube video posted by Efferent Media

Things didn't go quite as planned for Efferent Media, a digital marketing agency that took its first management retreat on what became a badly battered Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cruise.

The Anthem of the Seas returned to New Jersey Wednesday, cutting short what was expected to be a seven-day trip to the Bahamas. The 6,000 people on board made their way through 125-mile-per-hour winds that did significant damage to the ship — raising questions over whether Royal Caribbean could and should have avoided the storm. Waves as high as 30 feet tossed the vessel around.

Efferent Media produced a time-lapse video of its journey on Anthem, which it published Thursday evening on YouTube.

"As (the retreat didn't go as planned, the team sure did work together to get through this experience," the company wrote.

The video shows some of the damage the ship took. In the video, the ship's captain can be heard giving announcements as well.

Anthem of the Seas docked at Bayonne's Cape Liberty shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday escorted by two tugboats and a Coast Guard vessel.

Although company representatives had for days described damage to the ship as "cosmetic," it sustained damage to a key part of its propulsion system that must be fixed before it can be used for another cruise, NBC reports.

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