Are you ready to admit Trump shouldn't be president yet?

The holiday weekend saw Trump trying to deny that his spastic, exaggerated arm movements and a put on voice was mocking disabled NY Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. Kovaleski has Arthrogryposis — a congenital joint condition that limits the flexibility of his arms. If you watch the video I think it's clear what the intent was.

Of course those who drink the Trump Kool-Aid will say it's just the media doing anything to make Trump look bad. As if he needs any help in that area. The media did not defend false claims of seeing thousands and thousands of Muslims dancing in Jersey City on 9/11, and the media did not imitate Serge Kovaleski in that ridiculous defense. Trump is a one man act, thank you very much. He doesn't need the help.

Now Trump sheepishly denies even knowing Kovaleski, a reporter who extensively covered Trump for years and years who says they were on a first name basis. He even made this statement of Kovaleski: "The problem is he's using what he's got to such a horrible degree. I think it's disgraceful."

We're all entitled to our opinions. Mine is Trump. In another moment of self-absorption, showed his true colors by mocking the man's disability. A man who would do such a thing isn't fit for any office let alone the presidency.