There's good news and bad news in the latest polling numbers for Gov. Chris Christie.

Chris Christie onstage during the Republican presidential debates at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley on September 16, 2015. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The bad news is he's still far off from the leaders in the crowded GOP field. He comes in seventh among likely voters.

Donald Trump continues to lead, including in New Hampshire, which is a must win for Christie.

The good news is Christie's favorable ratings have been improving since the debates, which some political pundits say is a sign that voters could make him their choice in the future.

According to a CNN/WMUR New Hampshire poll, the number of voters who said they would vote for him now increased from when the poll was last taken in June, up by 5 percent.

Christie's strategy does seem to be to wait out the rest of the field, and hope to be the last man standing.