Just when you think NJ legislators are ridiculous, here comes a story about one of the most ridiculous legislation you may ever hear of.

David Moore, a state Representative for Missoula, Montana introduced a bill that would ban women from wearing yoga pants in public. The bill is geared at banning the wering of any clothing that exposes a person's genitals, including Speedos, bicycle shorts and yoga pants. After the hearing, Moore declared that "yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway."

While New Jersey had a very small version of this type of legislation when Wildwood decided to ban baggy pants from the boardwalk, it is still minor compared to these extreme measures that the governing body would like to take in Montana. Someone emailed Dennis and Judi during the hour that they found skinny jeans on men are offensive and could be added to the list of clothes that should be banned.

While decency laws may be one thing, should the law really be involved in telling people what is proper to wear out in public? Tell us what you think by taking the poll below.