High temperatures Wednesday ranged from 67 at Newark-Liberty Airport, one of lower readings, to 73 in Trenton and 75 in Mount Holly.

Today, we are looking at very warm conditions with passing patchy clouds, but some sunshine too and highs in the lower 80s; 83 or 84, but it should turn cooler close to the ocean during the afternoon hours.

Some clear skies tonight and very mild, 55 to 60, but it's possible there could be a few NW Jersey 40s.

Mostly sunny Friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s, but definitely cooler tomorrow along the coast.

The weekend will be just so-so, and that may be the best we will do.

Clouds and some sun with the chance of a few showers.  It's not that it can't happen Saturday, but especially Sunday.

Weekend highs will probably be no better than the lower 70s, but still much cooler near the ocean.

There may be the threat of some off and on showers into much of next week.