High temperatures yesterday reached the upper 40s and low 50s.

That's not far away from where we should be.

There may be a passing shower chance between now and the end of the day in New Jersey.  Otherwise, variable clouds, some sun and a brisk wind with a few highs this afternoon reaching the low 50s or so.

Clear to partly cloudy for the night ahead in the 30s, and even a few 20s as there was this morning.

Another day that'll be a little unsettled tomorrow with clouds, some sunshine and maybe a shower around.  High Thursday afternoon around 50.

Patchy clouds and sunshine Friday, finally a dry day in the lower 50s.

In the mid to perhaps upper 50s for Saturday with lots of sunshine away from the ocean.

We start with sunshine and dry weather Easter Sunday morning, but we may have some showers by the end of the day.

More on that later.