New Jersey's Senate Republican Leader plans to introduce legislation that targets "upskirting," or taking secret photographs and video underneath other people's clothes.

The move comes after the recent enactment of a similar law in Massachusetts, prompted by a Supreme Court ruling that the act was legal.


"Our laws have been outdistanced by technology," said Sen. Tom Kean Jr. (R-Westfield). "With modern technology, a camera can be anywhere."

The footage captured on the camera, most likely by a cell phone, can then be transferred online for the world to see.

Kean's measure would criminalize the "sickening" practice.

"It can happen when some people are traveling to and from work, it can happen when they're in a restaurant, it can happen in the workplace," he said. "We need to make it clear that this is an illegal act in New Jersey that will not be tolerated."

Kean said specific details of the legislation, which will be introduced next week, are still being ironed out.