The father of Tyler Clementi is telling a judge that the former Rutgers student Dharun Ravi, who was convicted earlier this year of bias intimidation for using a webcam to spy on his son Tyler Clementi, deserves punishment.

The statements come during sentencing of Dharun Ravi.


Joe Clementi says Dharun Ravi saw his son as not deserving of basic human decency, and that he saw him as below him because he was gay.

He says Dharun Ravi "still does not get it" and has no remorse.

His mother, Jane Clementi told the judge through tears: "I do not know what Tyler was thinking or why he did what he did since he did not tell us." She says they were very close but "even I had no idea of the despair and torment Tyler must have been feeling."

Dharun Ravi's lawyer, Steven Altman says his client has been "demonized by the gay community" and the case "is being tried and is being treated as if it's a murder case."

He could get up to 10 years in prison, though prosecutors say they are not seeking the maximum.
The family of the victim, Tyler Clementi, his father, and one of his older brothers addressed the judge.

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