Trending on Twitter: Gov. Chris Christie dumping a bag of M&Ms into a larger box of M&Ms.

Can't the man just snack in peace?

"Chris Christie pouring his bag of M&M’s into a bigger bag of MORE M&M’s is a savage and perplexing move," Uproxx sports editor Pete Blackburn said in a tweet Friday night that was retweeted almost 9,000 times.

Christie was sitting with his wife, Mary Pat, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for the Notre Dame-Wisconsin basketball game, oblivious to all the snark his snacking habits were garnering in the Twitterverse.

The headline on SBNation: "Chris Christie is pouring a small bag of M&Ms into a big bag of M&Ms, should be president."

Chris Geidner, the legal editor for BuzzFeed News offered an instant fact check:

Attention then turned to the governor munching on a jumbo box of popcorn.

The last time Christie's munchies got this much attention may have been the infamous ice cream cone incident on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.