The trucking industry is taking hits for higher fuel, tolls and regulation, and those costs will eventually trickle down to you.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

Gail Toth of the New Jersey Motor Truck Association said diesel fuel, which used to be cheaper than gasoline, is now more expensive -- over $4 per gallon. She said tolls and increased regulation over the past 18 months are also having an impact on truckers.

"Unfortunately, as the prices in the trucking industry escalate, all of that added cost to the industry ultimately does get passed on," Toth said, "and all the consumers are going to be paying for it."

Toth cites one example: zero-emission trucks for cleaner air come with a high price, a truck that averages only 6.5 miles per gallon. She also cites a bad marriage of circumstances and regulation.

"With all of the 'boutique fuels' and the new mandates, the diesel is a little bit more expensive," Toth said. "But right now, a lot of it has to do with the bad, very cold winter that we've had."

More and more people have decided to get out of the trucking business, according to Toth.

"Many of the guys say it's just not fun anymore," she said. "It's very hard, it's very difficult. There's a lot of regulation, more regulation than we've ever seen in the last 18 months, (and) that is putting enormous pressures on the industry."