This Thursday, Trenton City Councilman At-Large Duncan Harrison, Jr. (D) will be hosting the 1st Annual Thanksgiving Flag Football Classic.

Trenton City Councilman At-Large Duncan Harrison, Jr. (Facebook)

The event will be held at the Trenton Capital City Sports Complex, which is located on Calhoun St., with registration at 9:30 a.m. and kickoff at 10 a.m.

Harrison said that the game is designed to bring residents from around the area together.

"Come out, exercise, have a little fun before you go and indulge in that big Thanksgiving dinner," he explained. "To really bring camaraderie in the community and do something fun."

The game will feature teams representing many different sides of the Trenton community, including the police and fire departments.

"We have all different people, all walks of life that will be out here to enjoy a flag football game, something as simple as that," Harrison said.

It will also have a charitable side to it.

There will be a table set up with information on diabetes since November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Harrison wants residents to have access to information so they can make positive health choices.

Organizers are also encouraging players and spectators to bring canned goods for donation.

"What we'll be doing is collecting those canned foods and donating them to a charity, so they can go ahead and, in turn, feed the homeless," Harrison said.

The councilman hopes to make this game a yearly tradition.

"It gives people something to do on Thanksgiving Day before they go and enjoy dinner with their family," he said.

For additional details about the game, residents can contact LaMar Rice at (609) 489-5869.