Superheroes have dominated this past year’s movies and will continue to dominate through kids’ favorite holiday of the year, Halloween.

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    Men In Black

    Save the world from aliens while still managing to look sharp. Costume features a jumpsuit and sunglasses.

    2012 Men In Black Costume-
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    With the amazing Spiderman just out in theaters, suit up as America’s favorite crawler in a classic Spiderman costume.

    2012 Spiderman costume-
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    The Avengers- Hulk

    One of the year’s most exciting superhero movies, The Avengers, offers costumes for both girls and boys.

    Hulk Costume 2012-
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    The Avengers- Black Widow

    What girl wouldn't want to be secret agent Natalia Romanova?

    2012 Black Widow costume-
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    The Avengers- Captain America

    The ultimate Avenger, Captain America is the symbol of heroism.

    2012 Captain America-
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    Snow White- Revenna

    Girls’ favorite classic fairytale has come back to life in this year’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

    2012 Revenna costume-
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    Snow White

    This year's Snow White costume gives a new look to a classic fairy-tale icon.

    2012 snow white costume-
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    Brave- Merida

    “Brave”, one of the top kids movies of the year is definitely one of the best new costumes trick-or-treaters will be wearing this Halloween.

    2012 Merida costume-
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    The Dark Knight Rises- Catwoman

    Batman is always a popular Halloween costume, and with “The Dark Knight Rises” labeled by some as the best superhero movie ever, this year will be no different.

    2012 catwoman costume-
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    The Dark Knight Rises- Batman

    This year's #1 superhero tops the list as the most popular costume.

    2012 Batman costume-