So each of have been out and had "that guy" who ruined it for us all.I can remember going to WWE Smackdown with my dad for his birthday a few years ago and there was no word of the Undertaker returning that night, yet he was there and the Izod Center exploded once the lights went out and his music hit. So we all see him at the entrance of the ramp and everyone stood up and cheered as did my dad and I and here it comes, the guy behind us started cursing at all the people for standing up and specifically  my dad because he was directly in front of this guy. My dad being the cool natured guy he is let it roll off his back but this guy continued to curse and carry on for a few minuets after everybody sat down. All I'm saying is if you go out to a sporting event or concert and expect to sit all times, should also expect to miss some or if you're lucky stare at the huge video screen. Here is the 10 most annoying concert behaviors according to Rolling Stone Magazine. 

What are some of the behaviors you hate while at a movie, show, sporting event or concert? Comment Below