A Toms River councilman and EMT helped rescue a 92-year-old man from his smoke-filled home on Saturday.

Toms River Police said Kevin Geoghegan, a member of the Silverton First Aid Squad dragged a 92-year-old out of his home on Mount Dashan Lane in the Holiday City section of Toms River along with EMT John Carolan and Toms River police officer James Skripko. The Silverton Volunteer Fire Company said there was heavy smoke in the home and a smouldering oven but no fire was found.

Neigbors heard a smoke alarm go off in the man's home and called 911 according to police.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed by police, was taken to Community Medical Center in Toms River where he died.

Geoghegan was chosen in February to fill the Ward Two Township Council seat formerly held by current At-Large Councilman Brian Kubiel. On the police force form 1986 through 2011, Geoghegan is credited with founding the department's Emergency Medical Technician program, and with being the driving force behind Toms River's ascension to first in New Jersey to include automated external heart defibrillators as standard gear in police vehicles.

Tom Mongelli contributed to this report.

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