Today, after a Bridgeton Man was caught stealing women's underwear from washing machines, we thought it would be fun to ask our listeners what was the most ridiculous thing they ever had stolen.We know that some thieves are really stupid, but come on!! People really had these items stolen from them!!

Feel free to add your own to our top ten!!

10) The Bridge table holding merchandise at a lawn sale

9)  Gym bag with dirty clothes in it

8)  Garbage

7)  Lawn Jockey

6) 16 Pennies from the front seat of a car

5)  Cow Ornament

4)  Toilet

3)  One couch cushion (of a set of three)

2)  Pooper Scooper

and..the one thing everyone wants and would go out of their way to steal

1) A Urine Specimen in an airline liquor bottle