Much commotion in Trenton about the fate of Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver. Will she or won't she have the votes to serve another term as Speaker? She is reportedly facing a couple of serious challengers. But, after all the tumult and the shouting, this is a laugher.

First of all she double dips as Essex County Administrator, working for and under the political protection of County Boss Joe DiVincenzo ( where, oh where do these multi-dippers find all that time?) Secondly, she will get 100 percent support from minority legislators. And thirdly, she reportedly cut a deal with Governor Christie last Spring to support his pension reform legislation in return for the Governor delivering 100 percent of Assembly republicans to her side in a vote.

She kept her part of the deal. No reason to believe the Governor won't keep his side. So, why the commotion? I don't know. Guess that's just what they do. Keeps their minds off property tax relief.