Here’s the menu for tonight’s show:

We start out with the reading of “The Year of the Skinny Santa…My Introduction into the Reindeer Club”

Then we’ll sashay over to some Christmas good deed stories, seeing is how we’ve had our usual share of PC BS, and enough bad news to last us for another year.

There was also a poll taken of the best Christmas movies of all time. Which ones were yours? (I don’t necessarily agree with the poll).

Who can resist the tempting treats of Christmas. What are some of your favorite foods that it wouldn’t be a holiday without. (7 fishes, linguine with clam sauce, scarole pie, baccala salad, pulpo salad with all kinds of fish in it, for dessert some black coffee, migliaccio, and strufelles.)

Your favorite Christmas memory….and what was the favorite toy you’ve ever received?

(Perhaps even a second reading of “Skinny Santa” if time allows.)

(Nothing endures more than a timeless classic! Ooofaaa!)

And we’ll top it off with the “Christmas Tuneage Challenge” with tickets for you to see either “The Lady with the Dragon Tatoo”, or “War Horse” courtesy of of Regal Cinemas.

And a big thanks to my producer, Jersey Joe V, for all his invaluable support; to promotions coordinator Dan Specht for making the Classic Guido Tuneage and the Christmas Tuneage Challenge possible; and most especially to you, loyal member of the nocturnal Rossi Posse, for allowing me into your lives throughout the year!.