Texas A&M University's campus shut down for about five hours Friday after an emailed bomb threat prompted an evacuation and building-by-building search.

Texas A&M evacuation after bomb threat (YouTube)

A&M Police Lt. Allan Baron said officials still were searching some buildings shortly after 4 p.m., but no bombs had been found and people were being allowed to come back on campus to retrieve personal belongings and their cars. Evening activities on campus were set to go on as planned.

Baron said buildings and areas with high student traffic, including the dining facilities and residence halls, had been cleared by police. He said he didn't know how many more buildings still needed to be searched.

Baron said the bomb threat was sent via email at about 11 a.m. to the university's computing information services center. Campus police were notified 15 minutes later and officials made the decision to evacuate by 11:30 a.m.

The threat indicated there was a bomb on campus but did not specify where it was located, he said.

"We are diligently working on this investigation with our local law enforcement agencies as well as with state and federal" agencies, he said.

The campus is located about 100 miles northwest of Houston.

FROM A&M Emergency Site:

October 19, 2012 11:42 AM

The University has received a campus-wide bomb threat. We are asking all students, faculty, and staff to evacuate campus as quickly and as safely as possible by foot. Do not use a vehicle at this time. This evacuation is effective immediately until further notice.

Persons on main campus please proceed north to Church Street or South towards Anderson Street.

Please continue to visit the emergency website (emergency.tamu.edu) for regular updates regarding this emergency situation.

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