PATERSON — The victim of last year’s viral “Knockout Game” punch in Paterson told his side of what happened when he was slugged to the ground by a 17-year-old in December.

Kristian Gonzalez pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree aggravated assault and faces a three-year prison term when he's sentenced Sept. 30. The 18-year-old Paterson resident was 17 when the attack occurred and initially was charged as a juvenile, but the case was moved to adult court.

At Wednesday's hearing, Cesar Nejara told the court he was on his way to a bodega to send money to his family in Guatemala when Gonzalez punched him out, according to the Bergen Record. Gonzalez said that after he was punched, his face was covered in blood and a woman who found him took him to the hospital.

Nejara also told ABC 7 in February the punch broke a tooth

Gonzalez in court did not explain exactly why he punched Cesar Nejara, according to the Record.

Christian's lawyer Harley Breite told New Jersey 101 in Febraury that Gonzalez, a senior at Great Falls Academy in Paterson, takes medication for schizophrenia, obsessive defiant disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity.

A 16-year-old boy who allegedly encouraged Gonzalez and also recorded the attack is charged with aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim. His case is pending in juvenile court.

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