Parents worried about their teenage children texting, talking and surfing the internet from their cellphones while behind the wheel have new technology available that can ease their minds. There are different software programs, but the idea is the same. It prevents people from using their phones while a vehicle is moving.

"You can always tell your kids that you don't want them using their phones while driving, but that doesn't guarantee that that's what will happen," said Pam Fischer of the New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition. "The number one cause of teen crashes in our state is distraction and inattention. In some cases, it's caused by texting and talking on the phone while driving. It's also caused by having friends and other passengers in the car and on lack of focus while driving."

"There is no question that these technologies that keep cellphones inoperable while a car is moving are great tools, but parents also need to use them wisely," Fischer said. "Parents need to make their children aware of how important it is to stay focused on the road when they are behind the wheel."

"It also starts with parents. We teach our children how to drive from the minute they come home from the hospital. They're watching everything we do, so we as parents have to model the appropriate behaviors," said Fischer. "That means, we don't talk on our cellphones, we don't text and we don't do those things that can be distracting as well. If we start to do that from the time our children are young and if we reinforce it over and over again, it can sink in and make a difference."

"If you're a parent who is going to get this technology and shut your child's phone down, then you need to practice what you preach. Even if you don't use the technology for yourself, definitely self-police. If your child is in the car with you, you should be demonstrating similar practices," said Fischer.