When the story first surfaced about the “prank” that some 60-odd students pulled at Teaneck High School, initial reports from the police were that desks had been overturned, urine was found in the halls, etc.

The reaction by parents seemed to be “not our kids!” They seemed more concerned about the impact this would have on their kids’ college plans.

And their concerned were echoed by members of the town’s council and the mayor, who felt that the police may have overreacted to the situation; and that their report was an exaggeration.
Burglary and criminal mischief charges are now being pondered by John Molinelli, the Bergen County Prosecutor.

But in a show of unity, parents, the town council, and the mayor all voiced their call for leniency in the case at a meeting held Tuesday night.
One parent was quoted by NJ.com voicing his displeasure:

Lawrence Zierler, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and public school parent, said he was disappointed by the police reaction — “Zero tolerance is the philosophy of idiots and fools,” he said, adding that he hoped that in the future a more “resilient” approach could prevail.

“If we deny our children the right to learn from their mistakes, we will preclude the possibility of their futures,” he said.

Their (meaning the council and school administrators) call for leniency in treating this event is fine and dandy until the next graduating class decided to do something similar – or worse.

Then, what has been learned? Nothing.

True, you hate to see promising futures thrown away because of the seniors’ stupid actions.
But probably more misguided are the adults – parents, city council, and school administrators alike – all acting as enablers.

Then you wonder where the kids get it from