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Weekly Addresses: Paying For College,Obamacare [VIDEO]
President Obama promoted his plan to make college more affordable while Republicans continued their criticism of Obamacare in their respective weekly internet and radio addresses.
President Barack Obama says higher education shouldn't be a luxury or a roll of the dice...
Weekly Address: Economy, Government Abuse [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama says Washington's top priority must be to reverse trends like economic inequality, weakened middle-class security and global competition while Republicans talk about government abuse in their respective weekly internet and radio addresses.
Weekly Addresses: Immigration, Student Loand [VIDEO]
Declaring "the time for excuses is over," President Barack Obama is trumpeting the economic benefits of an immigration overhaul, arguing that a bipartisan bill picking up steam in the Senate would put the nation's loathed deficits and fragile entitlements on better footing.

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