Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: ‘Centerfold’
Could this song prove that the "John Geils Blues Band" is multi-media...as its a song about pictures in the print media?
And...the reaction to those pictures...in a pre-internet, pre-TMZ world!
"Centerfold" tells the story of a guy with a crush...
Freedom Fest fun: See the photos
We had fun at the Fair!
I hope that you had a chance to join me, Craig Allen, and the "Jersey Prize Team," at the Horse Park of New Jersey for the "Freedom Fest State Fair!"
In case you missed it...
...here are a few pictures...
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: ‘Dream On’
Steven Tyler...country music artist...who woulda thunk it?
Steven Tyler = Aerosmith!
"Dream On" is not only one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," but it was Aerosmith's first Top 10 charting record, landing at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the Spring of 1976..…
Join Craig Allen in Asbury Park
Its a beautiful, holiday weekend afternoon in New Jersey...spend it with us in Asbury Park!
"Sand, Surf, Sun and FUN" are in full effect!
As, I'm taking the radio show on the road!
Join me, Craig Allen, and the "Jersey Prize Team" at the New Jersey Natural Gas S…

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