NJ Dead Last for Tax Freedom Day [AUDIO]
"Tax Freedom Day," the day on which New Jerseyans collectively earn enough to get out from under their tax burden, arrives this year on May 9. The Garden State is last in the nation for that.
Coalition: NJ Lawmakers Must Consider Tax Hikes [AUDIO]
If New Jersey is going to invest in its most important priorities, the legislature should pass its own budget, and it should include revenue raisers according to Better Choices for New Jersey, a coalition of business groups, environmentalists and labor leaders.
NJ is Taxing the Dead [AUDIO]
The transfer inheritance tax, one of New Jersey's oldest taxes, dates back to 1892. This 16 percent levy is applied when property is transferred outside a deceased resident's immediate family. Another so-called "death tax," the estate tax, is applied on property valued at more th…
Schaer: Christie Might be Open to New Taxes [AUDIO]
In his $34.4 billion budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year, Gov. Chris Christie wants to tax electronic cigarettes at the same rate as traditional cigarettes. That tax hike proposal has one Democratic asking if that means the governor is open to other revenue raising taxes.

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